CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of the Year award is a platform to promote the importance of technology and innovation in Europe. The award is given to the most prominent technology leaders of highly successful European companies: persons, who are inspiring leaders and foresighted technology managers. The award recognises the most successful technology leaders in two categories: SMEs and large corporations.

The concept is pan-European and, as Robert-Jan Smits, Director-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission says: “Europe needs to celebrate those who advance technology and innovate. Initiatives like the “CTO of the year award” are very welcome as they lead to role models and further strengthen innovation in Europe”.

The CTO of the Year 2016 nominations for candidates are now open!

The CTO of the Year Europe 2015 winners

The CTO of the Year Europe 2015 winners

The CTO of the Year Europe does not necessarily have to be a CTO by title. However, the person shall be responsible for the company’s technology and its development at the highest level, whether called a CTO, Head of Research, VP of Product Development, R&D Manager, Chief Scientist, or any such title.

The CTO of the Year Europe is awarded by EIRMA and Spinverse.

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For more information, please contact Ms. Maria Papina of Spinverse.